We're trying to be discovered on the google plus network.  I've created a google plus page here:




Google watches all the activity on our page and will rank us higher if it sees lots of massage customers participating.  So YOU can help us tremendously by doing a few simple things:

1)  Write a review in the reviews section.  That's a biggie!

1) Click on the "Follow" button.

3) Click on the "posts" tab to view the posts, then click many of the "+1" buttons to "like" the posts.


Also, it would be tremendously helpful if you go to maps.google.com and search for "Lucy's Massage Studio in Torrance"

Or use this link:



Then, click "Save Location"  this is just like a bookmark to our location, but it lets google know that you're interested in us.

If you're reading this, I'm sure that you're one of our massage customers, so thatnk for everything.  We'll be sure to treat you well on your next visit!

Eric and Dazhen